TYPO Berlin 2017

Put everything in motion

The great transformations of our era are based on flexibility, agility and diversity. While the creative elite of the last generation still followed the “march through the institutions”, today’s creative minds allow themselves to (side)track into curiosity and the joy of experimentation. Incorporating social values and community strategies plays a central role in that, boosting the gain of one’s own developments.

Many people still haven’t embraced the joy of change. TYPO Berlin 2017 will tackle methodological agility, and aims to facilitate a rethinking. How do I get out of my comfort zone? At which points can I permit fluid structures? How do I develop new potential for innovation? Those are the questions typical of traditional organisational models, which won’t help us make headway in the future.

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Meeting in Berlin

The pinacle of the creative year

Meeting point of the graphic design scene

With around 1,500 participants and more than 60 speakers lecturing on up to 5 stages, workshops and panels for 3 days, TYPO Berlin has become one of the world’s most important creative venues since it’s premiere in 1995. Since 2011, TYPO also takes place regularly in San Francisco and London.

The most beautiful venue in Berlin


TYPO Berlin takes place at House of World Cultures, which is located right next to the Federal Chancellor’s Office. The conference building is a classic example of modern architecture in Berlin.

HKW – House of World Cultures
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin, Germany

Volunteering and sponsoring at TYPO

Want to get a taste of TYPO for a few days? Do you want to hold a lecture or a workshop at TYPO yourself? TYPO conferences also offer unique, first-class innovative content. On each TYPO conference we offer sponsors the opportunity to present themselves and their products in different ways.

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