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TYPO San Francisco 2015

Find Your Focus

Focus permeates the designer’s everyday world – from specializing in one specific area or discipline, concentrating on getting that client project done on deadline, or zooming in on the pixels of your typeface. Within the industry, shifts in focus are constant. Does a designer choose to learn web, print, mobile or be a jack-of-all-trades? Does a graphic designer take on type design? Should a visual artist delve into UX? Do type foundries dedicate more attention to webfonts? By focusing on “Focus,” TYPO San Francisco will bring together a diverse slate of international and local speakers to explore this theme through a creative’s lens.

Focus your sights on San Francisco on April 30-May 1, 2015. With an emphasis on design, society, culture – with a little bit of kerning, the two-day conference adapts one of Europe’s most successful design events with a Bay Area twist.

With: Yusef AlahmadJen Bilik, Nadine Chahine, Menno Cruijsen, Carolina de Bartolo, Tobias Frere-JonesAgustin Garza, Nataly GattegnoDaniel Gjøde, Adam Lewis Greene, Sarah Hyndman, Alastair JohnstonChip Kidd, Ellen Lupton, Thomas PhinneyLouise Sandhaus, Rob SaundersJoachim Sauter, Mark Simonson, Sumner StoneTash Wong and more.